David spent many hours practicing the guitar as a child. He won the Jimi Hendrix Electric guitar Competition while still in his teens and then travelled the world playing in different bands until meeting Charlotte Kemp Muhl in New York City. She produced the dAVID sTRANGE EP and played most of the instruments on it other than guitar. Sean Lennon played bass on one track. Shortly after this David was browsing for gear at a used music store in Brooklyn where he reconnected with drummer Brian Beck. The two started constant rehearsals with the idea that they would create a tight guitar and drum connection to which they could add bass and keyboards later. However after a short time it became clear that neither bass nor keyboards were necessary because the guitar and drum connection they created was a substantial entity unto itself. The two started playing late night shows at an underground East Village club called Berlin. One night with producer Andy Tommasi saw them play and after the show suggested they 'do a track' together. The track they recorded is called 'Money' but they continued recording over a dozen other songs in Andy's Bedford Studios. These sessions solidified the music that had been influenced by, touched by and inspired by all of the people and situations that led up to it along the way.